Women Empowerment & Care for Senior Citizens

Samriddhi (Action for Adolescent Girls “AAG”)

In line with one of our focus area of women empowerment, SBI Foundation and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) have partnered for the project Samriddhi (Action for Adolescent Girls” AAG”) in 150 villages of Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The project aims to reach 3500-4500 girls covering 150 villages in selected blocks in the selected district of Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. The project aims to collectivize adolescent girls and enhance their life skills, Healthcare and Financial literacy, build their perspectives on gender and social equity and increase the possibilities of their leadership in their own communities. The guiding principles of the proposed SBIF-UNFPA project include enabling and equipping adolescent girls to face challenges rather than protecting them.

Care for Senior citizens

The destitute old age people are increasing day by day due to decreased moral values, nuclear families, and other socio-economic factors. At old age, they are isolated and thrown out of their living homes. Though there are several old age homes they are functioning for commercial purpose or taking care of only those old people mentally and physically fit.

In alignment with our values of being a catalyst of change by supporting the noble initiatives that do not receive sufficient support, SBI Foundation has partnered with SHEOWS, for adopting 130 elderly persons at Garhmukteshwar Old age home in Uttar Pradesh. SHEOWs is a Non-Profit Organization which serves the old people through holistic institutional support free of cost.

In this project, we provide food, medical care, and other institutional activities at the old age home. We take care of helpless old aged found on the streets of Delhi, those who are struggling for a single meal a day and have no family to go to. Along with the day to day needs like food, we give them love, care, friendship and also perform the cremation rituals in case of a sad demise of any of our Old Age Home member.

Mauli Seva Pratishthan

Most of the women with mental illness are deprived of their basic human rights. The women with mental illness are highly stigmatized and discriminated in the society in all sphere of life. Perhaps mental health is failed to get enough attention in the health sector in India compares to physical illness.

Discarded by families or wandering further and further away from home, their real selves are lost or submerged under layers of dirt and idiosyncrasies handicaps both primary and secondary. They become non-persons, consciously ignored or worse, paid unhealthy attention. Women are particularly prone being easy targets of sexual abuse. The mentally ill destitute comprise a largely forgotten and unthought-of section of the homeless. For many women, homelessness follows years of violence and abuse which undermines their self-esteem, contributes to the pain of powerlessness and reinforces the social invisibility of their lives.

In view of its yeoman service in the field of healthcare and considering the most neglected sector in healthcare, we have joined hands with Mauli Seva Pratishthan to implement the project “SBI Mauli Seva”, a 5 bed ICU Unit to take care of destitute women and children for providing medical care. Through this project, SBI Foundation would support for emergency medical services to destitute women and children in Mauli Seva Pratishthan.