Sustainability & Environment

Project SBI Corbett

Project SBI Corbett will be implemented for creating systems of waste management (including awareness & waste collection) for the rural community around Corbett Tiger Reserve and at the same time conducting training for SHG workers for waste collection and conducting research for zero waste management. The project will be implemented in partnership with Waste Warriors. The project will be across 37 villages in the eastern periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve in the state of Uttarakhand. The project has innovation in its approach. It not only is helping in managing waste but is generating employment and livelihood opportunities for people living in villages. With their awareness and participation, nearby villages will take active involvement in the project and will embark upon having their self-owned waste management system in place. 



Haritha Khalingduar

Climate change and associated environmental changes are areas of grave concern in today’s world. Increasing urbanization in the Northeast has led to rampant deforestation which has resulted in elephants moving to areas where people live, in search of food and water. This has caused massive damage to crops, homes, infrastructure and human lives. Consequently, in order to save mankind, elephants were shot, poisoned, stoned & harassed. SBI Foundation under one of Focus area environment and sustainability has partnered with Balipara Tract & Frontier Foundation in the afforestation project phase -1, in Udalguri district in Assam, adjacent to Khalingduar forest by planting 1.5 lakhs trees in 150 hectare areas covering 12 villages viz.Hainaguri, Bormukuli, Sagolijhar, Odalbari, Nonoikhuti, Mwinaguri(1), Mwinaguri(2), Basugaon, Mwidersali, Umananda, Mwinaguri(3) and Saltalpara in Udalguri district in Assam.