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SBI Gram Seva

SBI Foundation CSR STRATEGY: Adoption of villages for integrated development through Gram Panchayat.

SBI Foundation has strategically worked on identifying various projects and has partnered with multiple NGOs and NPOs for undertaking the CSR projects/programs. Now, SBI Foundation intends to move forward to  the next phasethrough strategic development and accordingly, sets out a CSR strategic plan for State Bank of India to carry out the implementation of CSR activities through integrated approach.

In this approach, SBI Foundation sets its objectives of adopting and developing villages through Gram  Panchayat across India and implement every CSR activity in full force along with Bank’s other services  centered on  holistic development.

This strategy aims at SBI Foundation having a focused implementation model and objectives against set targets and goals. SBI Foundation already has flagship programs under it viz. SBI Youth for India  Fellowship , Center of Excellence. We propose to implement SBI Gram Seva as one more flagship project under SBI Foundation. 

SBI Gram Seva project is expected to achieve the basic goals in three years of intervention viz;

To link the specific government schemes/services to each of the activity and to individuals.

  1. To lay emphasis on digital concept and create awareness about daily usage of online banking services and government schemes and to get other information online.
  2.  Developing the village through holistic intervention for improvement of infrastructure and basic facilities therein.           
  3. To involve the Panchayat Village Self Government in development programmes, and to create environment for participatory efforts by encouraging rural asset creation, community development so that the project achieves the motto of self-sustenance.

SBI-GRAM SEVA mission is to develop the macro and micro needs of the community and engage the Gram Panchayat and villagers’ participation to make this project self-sustainable.

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