SBI Foundation - Key Managment Team

Smt. Manjula Kalyansundaram - Managing Director & CEO, SBI Foundation

Smt. Manjula Kalyansundaram

Managing Director & CEO, SBI Foundation

As the Managing Director of SBI Foundation, Ms. Manjula Kalyanasundaram is spearheading the CSR initiatives and working to scale them up to meet the expectations set for the CSR arm founded by the premier bank of India. Under her leadership, SBI Foundation has grown multi-fold. Ms. Kalyanasundaram believes that direct access to life-saving and sustainable resources is what can truly transform the lives of individuals who are less privileged. She knows that there are countless individuals who are living under extremely harsh realities.  

Ms. Kalyanasundaram realises that getting help for a wide range of needs and finding access to the resources is difficult, as the cycle of poverty is difficult to break. She, therefore, envisions SBI Foundation to create innovative sustainable solutions to fix the many problems faced by the underserved sections of our society with a view to help them endure and emerge out of the endless cycle of hardships and adversities and thereby position SBI Foundation as a leader in India’s CSR landscape. 

Before being appointed as the Managing Director of SBI Foundation, Ms. Kalyanasundaram was the EVP, Chief of HR & Management Services at SBI Life. With a master’s degree in Economics, and a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers, she brings over three decades of experience in the banking sector. 

Mr Lalit Mohan - (President and  COO, SBI Foundation)

Mr Lalit Mohan

(President and COO, SBI Foundation)

Shri Lalit Mohan joined SBI Foundation as President & Chief Operating Officer in May 2021. Prior to joining SBI Foundation he was working as DGM SME at LHO Chandigarh and DGM (Business & Operations) at Panchkula Module, Chandigarh Circle for the last 3 years. 

With a graduate degree in Science & Law and certified associate Indian Institute of Banking & Finance he brings in more than 30 years of banking experience. His important assignments in the Bank were Regional Manager, at South Mumbai and Buldana Regions of the Mumbai Circle. He has worked extensively in the areas of branch operations, retail credit, MSME credit, agriculture credit and financial inclusion at all geographies of the Bank located at rural, urban and metro centres. He has headed branch operations ranging from small sized branch at rural and difficult centres in the hills to the large sized branch like Chembur at Mumbai Metro. He was Regional and Zonal head for more than 6 years in the Bank and has headed branches in all incumbencies from scale 1 to 5 for almost 8 years. 

He is passionate to the cause of social service and firmly believes in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and wants to work in the direction of ending poverty in all its dimensions and craft an equal, just & secure world for all. He has actively engaged in CSR activities at various level in the Bank in his past assignments. He believes in “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Shri Parmeshwar Ram - Chief Financial Officer

Shri Parmeshwar Ram

Chief Financial Officer

Shri Parmeshwar Ram joined SBI Foundation on 1st July 2020

Prior to joining SBI Foundation, He was working as an Assistant General Manager

AGM(Admin) in Credit Review Dept., Corporate Centre Mumbai.

Graduate in Economic honors and certified associate of Indian Institute of Bankers & Finance, he has more than 36 years of experience in the Banking sector. 

His previous assignments include - Branch head of Goregaon East and Vile Parle West.

He worked in Mumbai Main Branch as support to DGM for Digital products and also AGM (Digital Banking) at LHO Mumbai/Mumbai Metro.

He likes traveling, reading, and philanthropy.