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SBI Foundation Focus Area - SBI Green Fund

SBI Green Fund

As the world embarks upon its journey towards sustainable development, it is imperative for every action and decision to be designed and vetted based on the principles of sustainable development. While the governments, international agencies and civil societies have ratified multiple treaties to mitigate the effects of climate change, the onus of bringing the change lies ultimately with every individual. 

State Bank of India has launched SBI Green Fund to bolster countries' institutional capacities and sustain climate action projects in diverse thematic areas to address the environmental challenges while alleviating the poverty and empowering the communities for self-sustenance in the longer run. The projects are supported jointly by SBI Foundation and SBI customers  who have redeemed their reward points for supporting the project. 

Interventions are currently underway in following thematic categories-

1. Tree Plantation- In line with the vision of State Bank of India to plant 5 million trees of indigenous flora under SBI Green Fund, SBI Foundation, with support from loyal customers of SBI is increasing the green coverage by conducting tree plantation drives in Rajasthan and engage in bamboo propagation in Maharashtra to support the communities with sustainable livelihood alternatives. 

2. Toilets- Overpopulation and a lack of sanitation infrastructure have contributed to the public health crisis in India. SBI Foundation together with support of SBI customers is constructing and upgrading toilets in Assam for providing environmentally safe sanitation facilities through contributions received under SBI Green Fund.

3. Water- Depletion, contamination and unsustainable consumption of water has escalated the water crisis in India where nearly half of the population face extreme water stress. SBI Foundation jointly with SBI Customers is providing water security in water stressed villages in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand through the contributions received from SBI Green Fund.

4.  Waste Management- With rapid urbanization, the country is facing massive waste management challenges in both urban and rural areas. Focusing on segregation at source, SBI Foundation has launched a sustainable waste management model in Rajasthan from the contributions received from SBI Customers under SBI Green Fund.

5. Clean Energy- In an effort to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable living, SBI Foundation together with SBI customers is supporting a community led rural electrification for providing a solar power panel/light/lamp to individual households in Odisha through contributions of SBI Green Fund.

Table of Contributions received from our esteemed customers under SBI Green Fund-

Sr. No.
Name of Thematic Category
No. of SBI Customers who donated
Points Donated (Nov,19- May, 21) (Rs.)
Amount (Nov,19- May, 21) (Rs.)
1.Tree Plantation
4.Waste Management
5.Clean Energy