Centre of Excellence PwDs

In India, under the provisions of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 Government and Public Sector Undertakings are required to employ up to 4% of their workforce, persons with disabilities (PWD).However, the majority of the PWD workforce are not utilized to their full potential. This is due to factors which include lack of specialized training for persons with disability to enable them to be productive, non-inclusive training system which leads to under performance of the PWD’s, lack of awareness among the staff about disability related issues and lack of accessible working environment such as inaccessibility of IT systems.

The COE aims to be a centralized support center for persons with disability. The COE will also promote research and development in Disability Management and assistive devices. It will also do advocacy and Recommendations at appropriate forums for continuous improvements for inclusion of employees with disabilities. It also intends to build Channel Partners like other centers/institutions engaged in similar activities.

The COE’s vision & mission are:

Vision : Working towards a more inclusive india: removing barriers to employment and employability for pwd’s

Mission : Bridging distance and differences and being inclusive.

  1. Enhancing the Employment Lifecycle of Persons with disabilities in PSU’s

    a) Disability Training programs for trainers and setting up of empowerment cells: Trainings for seven PSU banks has commenced. MOU signed with Bank of Baroda for empowerment and inclusion of their employees with disabilities.

    b) Sensitization and disability awareness programs for creating inclusive and adaptive leaders

    c) Capacity building related to disability matters of following departments to sensitize them to disability issues:

    • HR Department
    • IT team
    • Empowerment Cells
    • Inspection and Audit teams
    • Estate Department

  2. Placement linked skilling centres:

    Project Parivartan: Youth for Jobs a Hyderabad based NGO working with youth with disability from rural areas have been funded to set up two centres. The first Centre in Bangalore is operational and the first batch of students have also been placed. The second Centre will be set up shortly.

  3. Coaching centre for PwD aspirants for Bank jobs

  4. Sustainable livelihood for persons with intellectual disabilities

  5. Advocacy and recommendations

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